The data are stochastic simulations of seven soil properties (pH, organic carbon, clay, sand, bulk density, total nitrogen and thickness) for the A, B and C horizons at 450 sites within EU25+5. Simulations were obtained with the same geostatistical model that was used to make predictions (s. dataset "Soil properties at 450 sites") and using the same observations derived from the ISRIC WISE/SPADE dataset ( and the EFSDB dataset. Simulated values refer to stochastic simulations from the probability distribution of each soil property. In total 500 simulations were made at each of the 450 sites.

Version 1 is based on a preliminary data set that was discussed during the NEU C5/C6 meeting in Wageningen, October 2009. Important modification is that different datasets were produced for different landuses. Version 2 includes adjusted OC and NTOT values. At the NEU C5/C6 meeting November 2010 in Wageningen it was decided to adjust the OC and NTOT since the CN ratio (OC/NTOT) delivers rather low values especially for forest. Therefore, a filtering is performed by removing points from the original dataset (thus before the kriging starts) for which OC and NTOT resulted in C/N < 5 or C/N > 60.

Validation has not yet been done, other than visual inspection of the plausibility of predictions and simulations.

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