The data set consists of 137 grid maps with a resolution of 1km by 1km . 115 maps are giving the distribution of 115 tree species in 30 European countries (area-percentages of the species at 1km by 1km detail). One map shows the forest area where no species classification was possible and 21 maps are giving the percentage of different non-forest classes in the single grid cells.

A comparison of the map results with National Forest Inventory data is part of the dataset. To assess the accuracy, the map results for the species were compared with the national forest statistics. The percentage of the "differently classified forest area" was calculated for each country. The values range between 6% for the Czech Republic and 41% for the UK. On a European level the "differently classified forest area", calculated as a forest area weighted average of the individual country values, amounts to 13.4%. The comparisons strongly depend on e.g. the level of detail, the accuracy or the definition of forest area considered in the national forest inventory. These parameters and also the reference year of the inventory differ from country to country. Therefore the values should be considered as a rough estimate. In general the discrepancy is more distinct for small countries, for countries with a low or scattered forest cover or with a high species diversity.

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