Calculation of farm, land and soil-budget with the CAPRI model for EU27 countries. The market budget, the animal budget and the soil budget (see [Britz and Witzke, 2008] and [Leip et al., 2009] ). The market budget captures on the one hand market appearances from domestic production and imports, and on the other their distribution to various domestic uses (feed, human consumption, industrial processing etc.) and exports. The animal budget calculates inputs of N by feed (green fodder, feed concentrates etc.) and the output in animal products. The difference between N intake and N in products gives total N excretion per animal type and for the sector as a whole. The link to the soil balance is achieved with the manure balance, which calculates N losses occurring before manure application on soil, whereby manure deposited by grazing animals is dealt with separately.

In CAPRI, each country is treated as a representative (aggregate) farm and the combination of the market- and animal balances allows constructing a farm N-budget. Estimates about the amount of N lost before application to the soils, comprised in the detailed animal balances, also allows constructing a land N-budget. Whereas the farm budget is only calculated at country level, the land and soil budgets are also available for NUTS 2 regions inside each country.

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