The excel tool for National integrated Nitrogen Budgets N (NiNBs) is an excel file with two functionalities:

(1) it provides a template for collecting data required for generating comprehensive integrated Nitrogen Budgets. Data are requested for the pools: - Industry & Households, - Transport, - Settlements, - Agriculture, - Consumer, - Forests, - Terrestrial ecosystems, - Fisheries, - Solid waste, - Sewage, - Atmosphere, - Hydrosphere, - Coastal zone For each of these pools, flows that are required to be quantified for a NiNBs are indicated. Also optional flows are indicated or possibly alternative solutions proposed.

(2) it provides a visualisation tool as built-in macro into the excel file to generate NiNBS-flow diagram

The tool has been applied to help generate NiNBs for Czech Republic, France, UK, and to visualise NiNBS for Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland (see Leip et al., 2011b)

The tool was a basis for the development of the Draft Guidance document on National Nitrogen Budgets

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